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After Hours® Premium Australian Distillers

After Hours Distillers is an independent Australian distilling company, proudly producing ultra-premium alcoholic and non-alcoholic distilled beverages with renewable powered energy in the South Coast of Australia.

Our Story

It all started with secret family recipes and distilling methods, passed down 3 generations by a Croatian immigrant who fled the World War 2 to seek refuge in Australia

  • After Hours Ultra-Premium Spirits

    Pure. Clean. Spirits. Our very own delicate, triple distilled ultra-smooth spirits. Coming soon...

  • Wild One Organic Spirits

    Renowned for their highly-acclaimed organic juice, sparkling and ice-tea offering, Wild One has brought their world class beverage development skills into the alcohol market. Natures Finest just got a whole lot finer.

    Learn More About Wild One 
  • Island Mist® 'Guilt Free' Hard Seltzer

    Sourced only from high-quality Australian fruits, we naturally flavour our hard seltzers to create a burst of real fruit flavour, leaving out harmful artificial sweeteners.

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  • ALTD Non-Alcoholic Spirits

    ALTD Spirits is Sydney’s first and internationally award-winning alcohol-free spirits brand. Australian native botanicals are ethically sourced, distilled and crafted to create spirit alternatives that are all natural, alcohol, sugar and calorie-free & vegan-friendly.

    Learn More About ALTD 
  • HIGHR Non-Alcoholic Cocktails


    Alcohol-free cocktails infused with nootropics, adaptogens and botanicals to up the vibe and mellow the mood.

    Learn More About HIGHR 
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